Sep 25, 2013

Buying this 100 year old treadle would be totally legit if I collected sewing machines... Right?

You know how one day you have five sewing machines and the next day you have six?

Maybe not.

Regardless of where you personally fall on the awesome scale (award yourself 1 point for each sewing machine you own), please Say Hello to my little friend, I mean newest acquisition: A vibrating shuttle treadle sewing machine, with "Coffin Top" table, made by White. (White were a USA company that rivaled Singer back in the day)

White Vibrating Shuttle treadle sewing machine VSIII
White Vibrating Shuttle treadle sewing machine VS III
Ain't she pretty?

Ok, important details, you'll want to know: How old?
Ah, not quite sure, the serial number puts her manufacture somewhere between 1903 - 1915, so let's say at least 100 years old. [UPDATE: Thanks to Tammy in the USA for ringing the Helpline at Husqvarna - who took over the White Sewing Company - I now know my machine was made in Cleveland, Ohio on the 26th of Feb, 1906!!!]

Does it work?
*ahem* Not sure at this stage. It appears to have all its parts... so Maybe. I'll clean it a bit before I try sewing.

How did your husband react?
Good question. He was...nice about it. Didn't bat an eyelid. (Makes me suspicious he's planning on buying expensive new golf clubs). He just said, "No more buying machines this year" and then he went on to change that to "If you want another sewing machine, you'll have to give one away."

And I agree that seems fair. Very fair. Too bad he doesn't know about the broken one I have hiding in the basement! Ah hah ahhaha hahah hahah! That still counts as one! I could get rid of that and get something better! Ahhhhh...


Now I totally understand how old ladies become obsessed with cats.


  1. Oh it is so beautiful - I only register a 2 on the awesome scale at this stage ;)

    1. plenty of time for adding awesomeness to your life!

  2. It's so gorgeous! It makes a statement even if it fails to work - which, of course, I hope it does.

  3. Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! I use to think about trying to collect old sewing machines to decorate my craftroom with, but I don't currently have the space for a collection like maybe one day..;D