Aug 15, 2015

First Fabric Designs have arrived!

Recently Spoonflower had a free shipping deal, so I took the opportunity to turn my first few fabric designs into reality.

Fabric samples, designed by Kura Carenter, printed via Spoonflower

I also wanted to test how some rose illustrations from a 200 year old gardening book would reproduce as fabric. I'm thrilled with the result in both quality of the printing and the fabric.

Antique Roses Fabric samples, printed via SpoonflowerAntique Roses Fabric samples, printed via Spoonflower
I had the roses printed out at 10cm by 15cm rectangles - perfect for making up these cute tissues packs.
Antique Roses Fabric, Tissue Purse packs made by Kura Carpenter
If you're interested in my designs you can buy this Antique Rose design as fabric or giftwrap from Spoonflower here.
Antique Roses Fabric, Tissue Purse packs made by Kura Carpenter
 I'll be sharing a tutorial for how you can also sew a tissue purse pack very soon.
under side of Tissue Purse packs made by Kura Carpenter

May 22, 2015

Designing Fabric

Sewing is my hobby and my day job of graphic design is how I (try to) pay for fabric. For a while now I've been thinking how fun it would be to design some fabric. I've finally taken the plunge, and wanted to share my very first fabric design.

This design is currently part of a competition run by Spoonflower, so if you feel like voting HERE that would be much appreciated :)

"Mermaids" designed by Kura Carpenter

Voting is open until 28th May 2015 (I think.) And you don't have to sign up to cast your Vote.

Apr 16, 2015

Images of the Past Dunedin

The Historical Sewing Group I belong to "Images of the Past Dunedin" are looking for new members.

If you're located in the Otago region of New Zealand, like to sew & want to try something a bit different, that will also raise funds for the Children's Ward please visit their website and share this message with friends who might be interested. Thanks!

Jan 31, 2015

HFS January 2015 Challenge: Foundations

When I became interested in sewing historical and steampunk garments the one item I was almost certain I would never make was a corset.

You know where this is going, right?

And being a slow sewer, a slower, if you will, gosh darn it, I'm not finished. Today the challenge is due, so better something than nothing I felt.

And actually this is a sewing milestone for me, not only my first corset, but the first time I've used a commercial pattern which I bought new (and not a vintage thrifty bargain or indie download) Simplicity 9769.

This pattern is a dream! I may just become a commercial convert. (Nooo!) The pieces lined up perfectly, I've only had to do a few minor fitting changes which even my intermediate sewing skills could handle. The whole thing was nowhere near as scary as I imagined it would be.

Full disclosure, this corset isn't intended as a historical replica. It's part of my investigation into corsets and back support. So the two main adjustments I've done is I've swap the busk with a zipper, and the grommets with fabric loops, both substitutions being to make it washing machine friendly.

One final apology, I'm having a little trouble uploading my photos today, and I just don't have the energy to fix it, so the rest will have to come later... *sigh*

Jan 5, 2015

Where to find Free PDF manuals for White sewing machines and Overlockers/Sergers

Tip for today: Where to find Free PDF manuals for White sewing machines and Overlockers/Sergers old and new...

Where to find Free PDF manuals for White sewing machines and Overlockers/Sergers

Strange as it may seem, there are free White sewing machine and overlocker/serger manuals via the Singer website. The manuals include many 20th century and even a few 19th century models too, (which was good news for me when I bought a 1906 treadle. pictured above)

To find the manual you need, look under Singer's "Support and Resources" then select "Instruction manuals" , or follow this link.

On the Instructions Manual page you'll see it says "Find Your Manual - Step 1, Step 2 etc etc" and under that there's a search box that says "Model Number"

Into this search box just type "w"
(don't type white, because that doesn't work)

You'll be taken to a near incomprehensible results page,
A) if you have a 20th century model, try doing a find via Ctrl-F and enter in your machine's model number.

B) if you have a 19th century machine, unfortunately the method to finding the manual you need is a case of clicking and opening the PDFs.

However may I suggest a couple that may be of use:
- this is a manual of a White treadle with a boat style bobbin shuttle
- this is a manual of a White treadle with a rotary style bobbin shuttle

Good luck, and I hope you find what you need :)
Kind regards