Jul 24, 2013

It's a Boy...

...In case you hadn't heard.
Which reduces my name guessing game in half.
My Picks = Richard or George.
Apparently George is the top favourite in the UK.
Richard doesn't even make the top 5.
Why not?
I thought there had been a softening to old Richard the Third in recent times.

Jul 22, 2013

ohhh! Royal Baby on the way!

Quick, quick, place my last minute guess for a name.

Boy = Richard, or George.
Girl = Alice or Alexandra.

Now, off to watch CNN, live, live live!

Jul 19, 2013

1863 Outfit to Mark the Dunedin Botanical Gardens 150th

Made it! Just not on the actual day...

This is only my second ever Victorian Costuming Project.
I drafted the spoon bonnet pattern myself, an earlier version seen here. The skirt is simply 4 plus metres of panels that have been box-pleated at the front and sides, and cartridge pleated at the back. It's worn over my cage crinoline petticoat hybrid. The jacket is based on the Spring Paletot pattern a free pattern available through resources provided by The Ladies Treasury

Now what to do with my 1863 outfit? As luck would have it, Otago Boys High School are also celebrating their 150th this year. I wonder if they'll have a fete open to the public? If not, maybe I'll go pose outside the gate. It's all about the photo-op after all. ;p

Happy costuming everyone, and Happy 150th Dunedin Botanical Gardens! My, you are old!