Sep 5, 2013

Birthday Request - Marie Antoinette Dress - Part 1: The countdown begins

This weekend my niece asked me to make her a *ahem* French Maid's outfit.

After a few minutes of looking in the air, twiddling my thumbs, wondering how I could tell her I didn't feel that was appropriate for a 12 year old - without having to explain why, I chickened-out and instead suggested, "How about a Marie Antoinette dress?"
That was greeted with enthusiasm.


But having barely made a 'fancy' dress for myself. Will I be able to make one for someone else? Will it end in tears? As the dress is intended for her next birthday - Feb 2014 - at least I have plenty of time.

To begin I have borrowed a pattern which I think will make a good base for the outfit - Simplicity 5042.

Simplicity 5042 kids Marie Antoinette costume - bottom left
In case anyone else out there also needs to make a Marie Antoinette style costume, I'm gathering resources which may prove useful and they can be found on my pinterest board HERE


  1. This sounds like a fun project & by far better than a French maid outfit! Looking forward to seeing progress :)

    1. Thanks! I sure hope it will be fun. I just hope she won't change her mind and want something else once I've started!
      Yip, the old french maid's outfit - wrong on so many levels...

  2. Excellent escape from the French Maid outfit request!!! :D