Dec 31, 2013

Garibaldi Shirt making - Collar mock up

I've been trying to figure out the collar for my Garibaldi shirt. The standing collar from the Simplicity shirt pattern I'm using to 'Frankenstien' parts is too small for me, so I've had to work out how to make it bigger. I basically just extended it from the fold, and it seems to be ok.

Trouble is, I have no idea just how tall a Garibaldi collar would have been. What I have made stands about 5cm tall. Is that too high I wonder?

Dec 20, 2013

Bullet-shaped Egg

One of the ladies produced a weird egg. The question is, is she trying to send a message? And should I be afraid?

bullet-shaped egg

Dec 6, 2013

Op-shop score: Caning it! [Marie Antoinette Dress project - Part 3]

Y'know how oneday in a thirftshop you'll walk past a big old bag of cane and think, ugh, who would buy that? Even I can't see a use for that.... And others days, you think, OMG OMG that's exactly what I needed!

For the first time in my life I was in need of cane. And I found it. For only $6 from the lovely ladies at the Mosgiel 'Butterflies' op-shop.

Why cane? Am I channeling my inner 70s child about to make easter baskets for everyone! One for you! And you! Dear Timmy needs an Easter basket! Nope, it's quite simply my dear: Paniers.

"Huh?" You may reply

You know, those delightful 18th century devises for making skirts all sticky-outy. Let me remind you Gentle Reader, henceforth as I am on the journey of making my niece a Marie Antionette dress for her birthday. And back in the day cane was what was used to form the internal structure of said paniers.

And thanks to the Dreamstress' clear instructions I even know how to make' em! To the sewing machine! Cane ho!

I also snagged over 4 metres of cream satin which I plan to use for the underskirt/petticoat.

"How much for the fabric?" you may ask.

 $2. Not $2 a metre, $2 for the lot! Ahahah hahah ha! 

Sorry, overcome with a breif bout of bargain madness - which is a real thing. Look it up.

cane for making paniers, and fabric, part of my Marie Antoinette style dress project