Sep 6, 2016

Darcy Hunting Season Open : Jane Austen Ball Dunedin 2016

If you're a Jane Austen reader you'll have imagined what attending a country dance must have been like. Imagine no longer!

A Jane Austen themed Ball is being held in Dunedin on September 17 2016.

Dress up and step back in time, try your hand (and feet) at tradional country dancing. There will be LIVE music, this is going to be a really fun night, an experience not to be missed.

Jane Austen Ball Poster designed by Kura Carpenter

Jane Austen Ball in Dunedin on September 17 2016

Sep 2, 2016

Op-Shop Score! Seventies Sheets

My cousin-in-law is a crafty minded person like myself, with a passion for 70s retro fabrics. Unfortunately there's lack of op-shops where she lives in Singapore. Therefore I've been gathering a rather lurid selection of seventies sheets to pass to her when I next visit. [Like I need a reason for op-shopping ;p ]