Mar 20, 2010

Pincups - It's a teacup for your pins and needles.

I love old china. I have a shelf full of "nana" cups. But I never really make use of them, not even for a cup of tea. Then about a month ago I had this idea to turn my beautiful but essentially only decorative "nana" cups into practical and useful pincushions.

I'm no sewer. I can't knit or crochet or weave either, so I was actually planning on laser cutting the flower petals and leaves, but due to technical hitches that kept on delayed my project I just decided to cut the damn shapes out myself.

Yesterday I sourced materials and today I hand-cut and hand-stitched this prototype old-school style. And I think it looks fantastic.

"Pincup" Pincushion teacup by Kura Carpenter:"Pincup" Pincushion teacup by Kura Carpenter: