Oct 1, 2013

Tutorial: How to Take apart an Empisal Sewing Machine Tension Unit

Why would you want to take apart the tension assembly unit on your vintage Empisal sewing machine? Good question. Perhaps like me, the tension check spring broke and needed to be replaced. Maybe your unit needs to cleaned. Whatever your reason, I wouldn't advise doing this unless it's absolutely necessary.

Should you decide to take your tension unit apart make a photo record of the process, your machine maybe not be identical to mine.  

Finally, I'm no expert, I'm just sharing this in case it helps someone out there because when I broke my tension check spring I couldn't find any info online about what to do for this brand of sewing machine, and I had to figure things out for myself.

In the another post I will show you how to put the tension unit back together - which is a lot more complicated, so be warned!

One last note: in these photos I'm using a replacement tension check spring which I made from salvaging another part, read about that HERE.


  1. Here I am sitting in Mozambique with an old Empisal sewing machine that I've been given. I've used it for everything from curtains to baby clothes and a dragon costume for my son's school. A couple of years ago the springy wire popped off and disappeared. I've struggled along and pulled things apart and put them together. Now your post shows me just what I was missing! Thank you! I hope I can find that part and fix this for real!

    1. JeniB you are very welcome, I'm so glad my post helped you! good luck :)