Sep 17, 2013

Iron Beauty awakes from her coma!!!

You know how sometimes you go to bed an ordinary person but the next day you wake up and you're a super genius? Today is my day!

Even though I have tried before and failed, the sewing machine gods were smiling on me today because I figured out how to put my vintage Empisal tension assembly unit back together, even though there are no instructions anywhere online.

But that too is soon to change. Learning from my mistakes I took lots of photos, and in the next few days I'm going to post a tutorial How to Take an Empisal Sewing Machine Tension Unit a part - And How to put it back together.

Not only that, I figured out how to replace my broken tension check spring using a salvaged spring from an old Singer - I'll post a tutorial on that too. UPDATE Tutorial: How I made a replacement Tension Spring

Right now I'm off to run victory laps around the garden. I fixed Iron Beauty! I fixed Iron Beauty! I fixed Iron Beauty!

Iron Beauty awakens from her coma


  1. Awesome and that's fantastic that you're posting info on how you did it for others out there to find their way with, too.:D