Mar 25, 2014

Victorian Headdress Project - Part 2

I have been sew-busy (see what I did there) working to create my first 1880s outfit (skirt, jacket and hat) for an Images of Past Dunedin event I volunteered to do this coming Sunday, I just haven't haven't had time to blog about what I've been sewing, which really defeats the purpose of having a sewing blog, doesn't it?
I also hoped, as I had to create a jacket anyway, to enter it in the HSF 'Bodice' challenge #5- but that was due about 10 days ago :( Curse deadlines!

Anyhoo, aside from that, being as I am on the hunt for things which will aid me in myself imposed challenge of creating a suitable pattern for an 1850s - 1860s style headdress, I was very pleased to find two authentic 1862 patterns in an old book titled: "A history of costume" by Carl Kolher, that I had borrowed from the Dunedin public library.

And good news, a edition is available online and free to download as PDF through the Internet archive HERE

If you can't redraw these patterns yourself, rest assured in a week or so I plan to recreate them in Adobe Illustrator and so will post them here for everyone to share :)

Victorian 'cap' patterns from 1862

Mar 11, 2014

Challenge accepted: create a 1850s/60s style Victorian headdress

A while back a member of the Dunedin Victorian costuming group I'm involved with asked if anyone had a copy of the headress pattern Butterick 5663 which is now out of print.

No one did, but after looking at the cover pictures, I began to wonder just how hard it would be to try and make up a pattern for such Victorian headdresses myself. Famous last words? Maybe.

Being geeky I've started a pinterest board HERE to help inspire me and keep track of my research, .
and I hope it may be useful for others too.
The inspiration: Butterick 5663 - out of print

Butterick 5663

Butterick 5663

Butterick 5663