Sep 18, 2013

Mini Tutorial : How to Make Ruffle Cuffs

Sorry this is a bit brief, I made these ruffle cuffs for a friend's birthday, and didn't take many photos, so hopefully you can follow along what I did.

To Make Your Own Ruffle Cuffs, you will need:
  •  4 pre-ruffled fabric strips conforming to the measurements below
Make these using your sewing machine ruffler foot if you have one - mine looks like this - or gather the fabric, to these dimensions: (NOTE: these are the completed dimensions AFTER ruffling/gathering)
Main ruffle =  longest edge is your wrist measurement, shortest edge approx 3 and a half inches.
Smaller accent ruffle = longest edge is your wrist measurement minus 1 inch, shortest edge approx 1 and a half inches. 
You will also need:
  •  2 strips of leather (length = twice your wrist measurement plus 2 -3 inches)
  •  4 D-rings
  •  2 pieces of bias binding or scrap fabric to make a casing. 
Then follow the pictures below, and I hope it works for you. :)

Tutorial: How to sew ruffle cuffs for Steampunk


  1. very cool - if only my machine could do ruffles!
    hope you are enjoying Spring

    1. Yes, buying a ruffle foot has been wonderful - highly recommended :)

  2. This is a fantastic tutorial -I've added it to my Steampunk DIY Board on Pinterest. I've been doing a lot of Steampunk projects of late for an up-coming Steampunk themed party a friend of mine is throwing this Sat. Had I seen this tut earlier, I may have decided to incorporate it into my costume, but at this point...nearly finished and trying to finish my wings in time.

    But looking forward to trying this out for a future project.:D

  3. What were the fabric dimensions before the ruffling?