Sep 23, 2013

Tutorial: How I made a replacement Tension Check Spring

When I broke the tension check spring on my vintage Empisal Goldline sewing machine, I was unable to buy a replacement.

Here's how I made a replacement by salvaging a tension spring from another sewing machine:
 I salvaged a tension spring which had these characteristic in common with the broken spring:
  •  same coil length,
  • same coil diameter,
  • coils wound in the same direction as the broken one.
Using wire side-cutters, I cut the salvaged tension check spring to resemble the original.

= Voila! Replacement spring ready to go.


  1. Wow! Technical chick!! I'd have handed that over to hubby :)

    1. Yeah, I try not to draw his attention to my sewing machines, he might mistake my perfectly normal hobby as hoarding.