May 23, 2013

Project Petticoat - Stage Two

Using an absolutely massive 4 metre length of calico I acquired recently, [Making Makes My Life: Project Petticoat: Stage One  ] the construction of my crinoline petticoat is going well but I've come a bit unstuck on what to use for the boning. I should say, use cheaply.

Because after much thought it occurred to me that flat sprung coils used for drain snakes might be perfect - and have the bonus of being closest modern equivalent to what cage crinolines were made of.

I searched every local $2 shop with no luck, only to find the type of drain snake I needed at Mitre10 - $12 for a 4.5 metre coil.

I bought one just to try, and it works perfectly, holds it shape but is also flexible. But my petticoat has 4 channels, so I'd need to buy 2 more drain snakes, putting the project well over budget.

I'll have to think about this. I was hoping to get my whole 1863 outfit done for under $40.

making my crinoline petticoat hybrid - stage 2

May 22, 2013

Christchurch CBD Two years after Earthquakes

This month I went to Christchurch, my  plan was to check out the Edwardian heritage park of Ferrymead, but this didn't eventuate. I did get to look around the CBD and thought I'd share some of my photos.

Since the devastating earthquakes 2 years ago (learn about there HERE) over 1000 unsafe buildings have been demolished with still more to come down. Cranes now dominate the skyline and tourists like me wander near-empty streets.

Christchurch Central 2 years post quakes