Nov 12, 2013

Opshop score! Wedding Patterns

Recently I acquired 3 - yes three - wedding type sewing patterns from the op-shop, Orphans-aid international, located in South Dunedin for $2. Money well spent I feel. No, I have no plans to make a wedding dress, but I couldn't help but notice the sleeves and skirts do resemble Victorian styles.

Despite my glee at obtaining such a neat haul of patterns, it feels wrong somehow, getting wedding dress patterns from an orphan's charity...

Style Patterns  - No# 1204. "Misses [Wedding] Dress or Bridesmaid dress". circa 1976
Simplicity - No# 7389. "Misses Bridal and Bridesmaid dress". circa 1977
Simplicity - No# 9050 "Brides' and bridemaids' dress". Circa 1989.


  1. I do love the 1977 pattern - you could make some fun steampunk outfits from that for sure!

    1. I sure hope so! ;p can you imagine though, if I went on another tangent and tried to encourage a sew-along to op-shop wedding patterns??? what would we call such an event? "You know you have too much free time and fabric when..."

      Take care, Trees, and thanks for your comments :)