Nov 22, 2013

Life before me - objects from the drawers of my 100 year old sewing machine

I think anyone who has bought an old piece of furniture will understand that odd thrill to find something in the drawers.

I was very lucky when I bought Ms White, the former owner -- how many have there been since she was made in 1906 I wonder? -- hadn't gotten around to restoring her, or sorting through the junk in the drawers.

And admittedly it was mostly junk - but correct me if I'm wrong, it's the endless possibility of what might be within, than what's actually going to be, that drives the nosey/curious/dreamers like myself. As if we can make a connection to lives gone before through the things they leave behind.

Most fortunately for me my White VSIII sewing machine came with a nearly complete box of rust-free sewing feet, (most of which I have no clue at this stage how to use) and two bobbins for the shuttle. Not many bobbins, true, but better than none.

Other items of note were: vintage rag-rug tools, two steel corset bones, a fountain pen nib, Bakelite buttons, a spool of silk thread on a wooden cotton reel, and a tiny squirrel jewellery charm.

What's the best thing you've found 'left behind'?


  1. Oh, I love stories like this! Those little snippits of other people's history. :-)

    I've never found anything in a sewing machine unit (never had the chance,sadly!) but I love it when I find little bits and pieces in vintage patterns. Hand-written notes, scraps of fabric. Best one I found was a 1940's magazine ad for a two-piece beach suit, tucked away in an Academy beach suit pattern that was a similar cut. :-)

    1. the 40s ad sounds neat - I'm imagining them on the beach, all smoking of course ;p