Oct 11, 2013

Marie Antoinette Dress - Part 2

When I suggested to my niece I make her a Marie Antoinette style dress she seemed very keen. A week later and she confesses she doesn't actually know what style that I meant...

Uh oh

So I asked her to draw a picture of the kind of dress she would like...And what do you know, looks like a Rococo style to me.


However, even to my inexperience sewer's eye I can see the back sketch doesn't quite match the front, but I can work around that. I've even found some polkadot and powder-blue fabric. Yay!

And even more progress: I made up a bodice toile using the Simplicity 5042 pattern I borrowed --- although I have altered it somewhat. The original pattern has a zipper in the back. Agh. No, thank you. --- and when J tried it on, it fit perfectly.


Let's hope she doesn't grow much in the next 3 months...

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