Jan 3, 2014

Paniers for Marie Antoinette Dress Project - Part 4

Let's talk Paniers.

Using the excellent instructions provided by the Dreamstress here and the cane I purchased here I completed some pretty nifty paniers. Since it was the first making them I thought I'd follow the Dreamstress' directions exactly and made them adult-sized, planning to make a smaller child-sized version for my niece once I got the hang of the design.

However, on showing the paniers to my niece, and giving her the big spiel about it all being historically accurate blah blah, her response was, "They look weird"


Obviously 12 year olds don't appreciate historical accuracy as much as one would expect. Poo! Looks like I might just have to sew a big poofy petticoat of some sort. Time is really ticking on though - just a month to go until her birthday and I have to deliver a completed MA dress. Maybe I should have started a little earlier?

Hmmm, and what am I going to do with an adult-sized pair of paniers? It's not like I'd make an 18th century outfit for myself, I mean like, I'm all about the 19th century... *sigh*
18th century repo Paniers I made using cane for the internal supports
finished paniers with their internal cane supports

...of course though, no reason I couldn't branch out. Just a little. Maybe. Change is scary.

[Note if you to have to make a late 1700s inspired garments, I have gathered a ton of resources on a Pinterest board HERE ]


  1. I started off in the 1910's and then my husband spotted a Simplicity pattern I have purporting to be the 18th century and said "I'd like to see you in that"; that was the beginning of my 18th century adventures despite having nowhere to wear it. Worst part is after looking closely at the Simplicity pattern I quickly determined it wasn't even close to accurate (princess seams and shoulder seams where they go nowadays were a dead giveaway). So much work to do for accuracy (or close to it), but worth it I think.

    1. So nice your hubby is enabling - I mean - encouraging your historical sewing. What was the pattern he found do you recall?