Jan 24, 2014

18th century Petticoat - Marie Antoinette Dress Project - Part 5

Having learned how to make an adult-sized 18th century skirt, which you can see here in an HSF challenge, it was easy peasy making a kid-sized one mostly because I didn't have to make it much smaller.

The ingenious bib front and back construction of the petticoat means it will fit for ages - probably until it wears out. All I really need to do is sew some ties underneath to control the length.

Anyhow, here are photos of the completed petticoat showing with and without the under support of the paniers I made which as you may recall, my niece was less than thrilled about. That's ok, I won't make her wear them but I wanted to show you, because as you can see they really do create the right silhouette for the era.

18th century style petticoat - with and without panier supports

And below you can see some of the making details. I sandwiched two layers, the silky outer is backed with cotton.
And if you to have to make a late 1700s inspired outfit, I have gathered a ton of resources on a Pinterest board HERE