Oct 1, 2012

Things to do in Lawrence

Yesterday, I ventured down to Lawrence to join in the festivities at the Daffodil Fields located on the ruined brewery site of the former Hart's Black Horse Brewery as this year their gala day had a steampunk theme.

Hart's Black Horse Brewery & Daffodil Fields in Lawrence.
~ I didn't find out what the bees were warning people of

 I also had a chance to look around the (tiny) township of Lawrence. Established during the goldrush days of the mid nineteenth century, Lawrence abounds with ye old buildings of by-gone beauty.

Historic Buildings in Lawrence ~ The Goldfield Capital of NZ
Lovely buildings aside, one of our group knew of something even better. Located at the top of Peel Street in a very unassuming converted garage is Fossickers, and within, a treasure trove of pre-loved items for sale. I could have spent ages looking around, but alas the bus waits for no punk. Anyhoo, I scored this very tidy Gladstone-esk handbag.

"Fossickers" secondhand shop, 28 Peel Street, Lawrence
*Sigh* Scenery. Steampunk. Shopping. A perfect girly Sunday.


  1. Love the bag! I must visit Fossickers next time I'm in Lawrence.

    Wonderful pictures, Lawrence is such a pretty and historic place.

    1. Yes, but give yourself an hour to have a proper look round. We only had 15 mins so we were pushed for time.

      Such a lovely town (maybe not in Winter)
      There was a gorgeous house for sale on Peel street too. *sigh*