Oct 24, 2012

A weekend in Steam, but not a steamy weekend

Over the weekend I attended several of the Steam Festival events with the Dunedin Steampunk group.

At the festival opening, held at the Dunedin Railway station (poured with rain, typical) my no-sew bustle pad was put to good use as I dressed up as my character: Cadet Peasgoode, Misinformation Corps.

Not quite Victoria's secret: The no-sew bustle pad in action

The Steampunks weren't the only ones taking the opportunity to show off. The rayguns and goggles had competition for the limelight with another bunch of pretty frocks, a group who go by the name of "Images of the Past" and who enjoy making and wearing Victorian/Edwardian Fashion. I feel I shall have to investigate them further, possibly consider switching of teams...

Dunedin Steampunk attend the opening of the Steam Fest 2012

The punks won the show-off showdown however, their group photo graced the pages of the local newspaper the following day (So if you're keeping score that's Rayguns: One, Parasols: nil.)

Another day, another outfit: On Saturday the steam train Ka 942 brought down to Dunners especially for the festival, ferried passengers on a round trip from the central city to Sawyer's bay. I ventured out as: The Widow Peasgoode, (a golf widow, mother to Cadet Peasgoode) who is rather controversially an anti-suffragette, proclaiming as NZ was the first country to receive the women's vote, we should be the first to give it back...
The Widow Peasgoode and chums ride the Steam train
Despite the dreary weather, the train running out of fuel both the Widow and I had a good, slightly surreal time, especially when being photographed by tourists. Nice to think me and my big fake bum are doing our part in promoting lovely Dunedin in our own unique way.

For a more detailed account on what the festival was actually about, please read this blog post by my friend JT Webster, perhaps soon to be the embodiment of Queen Victoria?

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  1. Thanks for the link! Queen Victoria indeed.
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