Mar 2, 2016

Lilliput Libraries

What are Lilliput Libraries?

They are part of global movement spurred by Little Free Libraries. Basically these are mini libraries (about the size of a large dollhouse) in neighbourhoods, usually located on their 'Guardian’s' fence, and passers-by are welcome to 'take a book now, leave a book later.'

In Dunedin Lilliput Libraries are the brain-child of Ruth Arnison, who's also coordinator for the popular Poems in the Waiting Room.  

Part of the success of these libraries is a constant supply of good-quality book donations. If you're in Dunedin, Otago, and would like to help please bring books to the Dunedin Resene store at 172 Crawford Street.

You can also Donate money at their Lilliput Libraries Givealittle page (I have! Be like me, I'm cool). Donations go towards the cost of constructing more Lilliput Libraries.

You can follow the progress of Lilliput Libraries popping up in Dunedin neighbourhoods via the Lilliput Libraries Blog and also on Facebook

I'm certainly going to try and be involved myself, other than wanting one in my neighbourhood, I really really want to paint one!

Lilliput Libraries need Book Donations

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