Apr 1, 2013

Nugget Point Lighthouse

With the long Easter weekend, and the continuing run of warm weather, the hubby and I thought we'd go for a mini adventure, somewhere we'd never been before. Inspired from reading "The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse" (by Dunedin author Fredrik Brouneus), I suggested we go to Nugget Point Lighthouse.

And I started to wonder, with the lighthouse located only an hour and a half drive south from Dunedin, an ideal day trip, why had I never been there?

But now, having been there, I have the answer: I am afraid of heights. I am very afraid of heights.

Nugget Point Lighthouse, South Island, New Zealand, 2013

The pictures do not capture just how high up it is!!! The path is mostly unfenced! Eeeek!
Excuse me while I go outside and hug the ground.

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  1. Yes, it is very high, but very beautiful too! A beautiful weekend for traveling.