Aug 20, 2012

A belated Welcome

Over 2 years ago I had the plan to start blogging my creative projects, while I kept on making things, I didn't carry on updating the blog. That's about to change. Promise.

So anyway, my day job is a freelance graphic designer, you can view examples of my work over on my other blog HERE.

I love graphic design, but I've always been a 'maker' and when not at the computer tinkering away on Photoshop, I'd be tinkering away on some craft project - usually jewellery.

In May this year I became involved in Steampunk. Steampunk and DIY go hand in hand and pretty soon I was up-cycling belts and clothes into Steampunk outfits. To begin with I wasn't doing much sewing and relied more on *cough* hot glue to alter my outfits. If I absolutely had too I would do a little bit of hand sewing, or go and use my mum's sewing machine.

Then three weeks ago, as I was scouting through my local Salvation Army charity shop, I saw a small, retro-looking, green suitcase labelled "$40. As is". Perhaps Fate or sheer nosiness made me open the case. When I did, something within glowed...

There inside the travel case, the shoplights reflecting off its gold-plated trim, was a beautiful 1950s (?) "Empisal" Gold-line deluxe sewing machine. I had no idea if was in going order, if all the parts were there, and the 'as is' label didn't ease my mind. All I knew was from now on this beauty was mine.

Empisal Gold-line sewing Machine:

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